PhD student

Tikai Chang


Tikai graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in 2015 with a joint master’s degree with Ecole Normale Supérieur Paris on Quantum Physics (Centre International de Physique Fondamentale). He did his master’s thesis on superconducting flux qubits in the Quantronics group at Saclay under the supervision of Michael Stern, and is currently a PhD student in the Quantum Nanoelectronics Laboratory. Despite having chosen physics as his career, he retains a strong interest for computer science and likes to participate in programming competitions (such as  Google Hash Code/ Google Code Jam) in his spare time.

Itamar Holzmann

Itamar received his BSc in Materials Science and Engineering and BSc in Physics from the Technion in 2017. He then did his MSc thesis on superconducting nanostructures under the supervision of Yachin Ivry at the Technion ( . In 2019, Itamar joined the Quantum Nanoelectronics Laboratory as a PhD student, his research focuses on hybrid qubits systems.

Paul Brookes

Paul graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2015 with an MSci in Physics. He then joined the Quantum Technologies doctoral programme at University College London where he completed an MRes in 2016 with a dissertation on bistability and qubit readout under the supervision of Professor Marzena Szymanska and Dr Eran Ginossar. Since then Paul has divided his time between the United Kingdom and Israel, where he has worked in collaboration with Professors Michael Stern and Eytan Grosfeld. He completed his thesis in 2020 on protection of quantum information and nonlinear dynamics in superconducting circuits.